ITCS owns and operates a commercial Instrument Calibration and Repair facility with UKAS Calibrated electrical and instrumentation equipment.

The facility was originally established in 2010 so is a mature service maintained by Azerbaijani Technicians. All tests and calibrations are carried out using up to date certified equipment which is fully traceable to recognized National Standards.

This laboratory complies with all of the local regulations and declarations of conformity. As part of the calibration service, ITCS has completed all of the necessary certification and documentation with the applicable GOST approval. Our test equipment is on the State Metrology Register of the Azerbaijan Republic.

We offer calibration services covering temperature, pressure and electrical parameters, including voltage, current, frequency, resistance and insulation. Also, we provide calibration of PRV/PSV, geometrical instruments (Calipers, micrometers, depth gauges and etc.), hose pressure test, torque instruments, light, voice meters, welding machine. Upon completion of the test the appropriate certificates are issued.

ITCS also provides dedicated teams to complete instrument testing and calibration in the field. These teams are fully qualified to complete calibration and certification of equipment and instruments that cannot be moved from worksites.

We also provide PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) services to ensure that our clients equipment is safe to use. These services can be carried out at either our calibration laboratory or at the client premises.

Pressure Measuring & Source InstrumentsElectrical Measuring & Source Instruments
Type of Parameter
Electrical Measuring & Source Instruments
Type of Instruments
• Gauges (Digital & Analog)
• Calibrators
• Indicators
• Switches
• Chart Recorders
• Transducers
• Safety & Relief Valves
• DC & AC Voltage
• DC & AC Current
• Resistance
• Frequency
• Insulation
• Loop
• Conductivity
• Phase
• Generators
• Counters
• Resistance Boxes
• Scope Meters
• Calibrators
• Recorders
• Meggers
• Shunts
• Ductor Testers
• Multimeters
• Clamp Meters
• Multifunction Calibrators
• Ohm Meters
• Loop & RCD (RCCB) Testers
• Earth Testers
• Indicators
• Phase Rotation Testers
• Sources of Current or Voltage
Temperature Measuring & Source InstrumentsInstruments for Measuring other ParametersPAT Test
• Calibrators
• Chart
• Recorders
• Controllers
• Ovens
• Industrial
• Refrigerators
• Temperature
• Bathes
• Thermocouple & Pt100 Probes
• Thermometers (Digital & Analog)
• Tachometers
• Light Meters
• Sound Meters
• Humidity Meters
• Torque Wrenches
• Welding Units
• PRV\PSV units
• Geometrical instruments
• Hose pressure test
• Power Tools
• Xeroxes
• Printers
• Refrigerators
• Microwaves
• Dishwashers
• Extension Boards
• Light
• Devices
• Speakers
• Horns
• Ovens
• Kettles