Safety is of paramount importance to us and our clients. All of us at ITCS appreciate the contribution that we must personally make to minimize the risk of injury, ill health, and property and environmental damage.

We set ourselves the target of ZERO LOST TIME due to accidents at work. We consider this to be achievable on a year on year basis and a realistic and acceptable target.

ITCS has established a Health, Safety and Environmental Policy that is implemented at all work locations where we operate. Responsibilities are clearly defined and everybody understands the part they play. This policy is renewed annually along with the publication of a Company Safety Plan setting out the key targets and objectives. In turn each project develops its own Safety Plan detailing the specific controls, targets and objectives specific to its needs and circumstances.

ITCS is committed to supplying our Customers the highest possible quality of service. To achieve this target every employee of ITCS will strive to:

  • MAINTAIN the highest possible quality of service.
  • UNDERSTAND Customers requirements.
  • ENSURE that Customers receive services on time and on budget.
  • INTEGRATE our suppliers and subcontractors into our business processes.
  • WORK in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • MAINTAIN Continuous Improvement.
  • IMPLEMENT and maintain an Integrated QHSE system to International Standards.

The Management Team of ITCS is committed to QHSE and will provide all the necessary resources, education and training to ensure that all objectives are achieved.